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IRIS, the second CD release from the duo Evidence (Stephan Moore and Scott Smallwood) on the Deep Listening label, is also their first video release. The DVD has the same sonic material as the music on the CD, but it features video pieces by the duo's favorite live-video performers, including Benton-C Bainbridge, Betsey Biggs, Fi$h2000, Madeleine Gallagher, Dawn Haleta, David Lublin, Jonathan Lee Marcus, Olivia Robinson, skfl, Diana Reed Slattery, Jack Turner and Walter Wright. These pieces emphasize the spontaneity of the artists' live performances, the practice of using "found" materials, and suggest the emergence of a regional aesthetic stemming from the recent hotbed of media performance centered around Troy, New York.

Video Artist Biographies

Benton-C Bainbridge

Benton-C Bainbridge is a Bronx-based artist who has worked with video as a painterly and performable medium for nearly 25 years. Using custom digital, analog and optical systems, Benton-C makes movies as a dialog in an emerging global language.

Benton-C Bainbridge has performed, screened, streamed, broadcast and installed video world wide in venues including the Whitney Museum of American Art at Philip Morris (NYC), Museum of Modern Art (NYC), SFMoMA (San Francisco), the Hayden Planetarium (NYC), Lincoln Center (NYC), Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden (Washington, D.C.), Teatro Col�n CETC (Buenos Aires), Mercat des les Flors (Barcelona), American Museum of the Moving Image (NYC), EMPAC (Troy, NY), The Kitchen (NYC), Boston Cyberarts Festival, Sonic Light (Amsterdam), Dallas Video Festival, Madison Square Garden (NYC), Wien Moderne (Vienna), Inventionen (Berlin), CELCIT (Managua), LUX2006 (Sevilla), MTV Networks and Hotwired (global). In 1999 Bainbridge received a Bessie ("memoryscan" with Caspar Stracke) for video design. Benton-C has been commissioned by, Tigertail (Miami), Teatro Col�n CETC and Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (NYC) to make video for operas, dance, the Web, cablecast and installation.

Bainbridge co-founded the live video ensembles NNeng, The Poool, 77 Hz, as well as (pseudononymously as "Valued Cu$tomer") Lord Knows Compost and Stackable Thumb. He has collaborated with Abigail Child, Yasunao Tone, Bill Etra, rev.99, Hoppy Kamiyama, Johnny deKam, Once11, Bobby Previte and Jin Hi Kim amongst hundreds of other artists and performers.

Currently, Benton-C Bainbridge is co-designing hybrid analog/digital audiovisual synthesis instruments with Stephan Moore, making "Dialed In", an audiovisual DVD album with Bobby Previte, and teaching the first VJ class for New York City's Department of Education.

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Betsey Biggs

Betsey Biggs is an artist and composer working with sound, video, interactivity, installation and performance. Her work aims to engage the audience, to expose the beautiful in the mundane, and to explore the tension between spontaneity and form.

Biggs studied creative writing and music at Colorado College, performing with Stephen Scott's Bowed Piano Ensemble and various rock bands. After several years working in film and video she returned to Mills College to study music and sound with Pauline Oliveros and Fred Frith. She is currently completing her Ph.D. at Princeton University, where she is researching the uses and meanings of sonic participation in new media art.

Upcoming projects include an instructional piece for orchestra; an interactive audiovisual installation, "You That," which revisits a Bob Dylan anti-war song; and a series of audiovisual portraits of a small town, Trinidad, Colorado.


Alexander Bohn is an artist, designer, and writer. He currently resides in Providence, where he is pursuing an MFA in graphic design. In the smidgeon of spare time he is afforded, he is a practicing VJ. He is also a design critic, and his book on bullshit language in design discourse is forthcoming.

Madeleine Gallagher

Madeleine Gallagher's interest in video and visual art has existed as an exploration of physical and visual sensation, endurance, perceptual thresholds and phenomenology. Her current body of work focuses on live video processing with experimental musicians. Gallagher has exhibited and performed in a variety of alternative and mainstream spaces in New York City, Washington DC, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Knoxville, Los Angeles, London and Berlin. She teaches video and installation at The Massachusetts College of Art in Boston.

Dawn Haleta

Dawn Haleta is an artist from the small coastal town of Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey. In 2000 she graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland with a BFA.

Dawn has worked with the ever evolving performance group Backbreakerneckbrace for five years. Backbreakerneckbrace is a collaborative effort between Dawn and audio/visual artist Michael Haleta which continually works with collaborators to fully realize their audio visual intentions. In 2002 she co-founded the New No York collective which presented events throughout New York to promote audio and visual artists who did not have a place to show their work. This group has now exhausted itself but while in action it presented artists such as Kevin Drumm, Jim O'Rourke, People Like Us, and Julian Ottavi.

Dawn is interested in time sensitive pieces in which large amounts of information are condensed within intentional time constraints. Multiple movements are packed into one viewing and echoes the layout and structure of a musical score composed as individual movements. Dawn's interest in the synchronization of video and audio enhances the experience of the viewing. These visual works are designed with an audio component in collaboration with Mike Haleta. The works become animations in which there is no separation between the audio and the visual. Her work is influenced by the weavings of Annie Albers as well as animations by the Canadian artist Norman McLaren.

Dawn has shown her work at numerous shows and events including Tonic, NY, NY, the Bauhaus University, Weimar, Germany, Art Scape, Baltimore, MD and the Whitney Graduate Program, NY, NY. Dawn is currently working towards a degree in sustainable design.

David Lublin

David Lublin is a video artist and programmer who is a member of the performance collective LMNOPF and a co-founder of the video performance software company VidVox, makers of GridPro and VDMX.

Jonathan Lee Marcus

Jonathan Lee Marcus is a multimedia performance and installation artist based in Troy, New York. He strives to increase the amount of questions that exist by focusing on liminality in time and consciousness. His work has been performed and exhibited at a variety of places in the United States, Canada, and France. Jonathan teaches computer programming for audio/video performance and interactive installation at Parsons School of Design.

Olivia Robinson

Olivia Robinson is a multi-media artist creating works that merge the highly technical with the deeply personal, using photography, video, inflatable sculpture, multi-media and circuitry. She currently lives in Troy, N.Y., where she earned an MFA from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Robinson holds a BFA degree from the Maryland Institute College of Art. In 1997 she co-founded Little Big Bang, a performance troupe, where she worked as a director, performer and musician performing at museums, galleries, raves, community festivals, and on the streets. She has performed as a puppeteer with Bread and Puppet in Glover, VT, and Black Cherry Puppet Theatre in Baltimore. Olivia co-founded the Community Arts Partnerships program at the Maryland Institute College of Art. As a resident community artist, she also worked in after school programs in Maryland and New York, and at federal prisons in Maryland and North Carolina. Her interactive artwork, video, photograhy and performances have shown at such places as the Baltimore Museum of Art, the WPA/Corcoran Museum in Washington, D.C., Center for Contemporary Art in Seattle, Deep Listening Space in Kingston, NY, The Center for Photography at Woodstock in Woodstock, NY, and the Mermaid Parade in Coney Island. She recently finished a series of artist residencies in Utah and Florida in the US, and New Delhi and Kerala in India.


skfl (a.k.a. jason steven murphy) is a video+sound artist residing in troy, new york, usa. his work has shown in performances spaces, festivals, and galleries across the country as well as canada, the dominican republic, spain, and korea. skfl's aesthetic is influenced by concepts such as collage/montage as collision, active spectatorship, noise, appropriation, minimalism, and a not-guilty-enough obsession with popular culture. he earned an mfa in electronic arts from iear studios at rensselaer polytechnic institute and a bachelor's in cinema production from ithaca college. he is employed by the experimental media and performing arts center at rpi ( as a project manager. in his spare time, skfl produces and promotes arts/cultural events in troy and buys more cds, records, and comic books than he can store safely and/or logically.

Dianna Reed Slattery

Dianna Reed Slattery is the coordinator of DomeWorks. Her current artistic practice, The Glide Project, is informed by her Ph.D. research in visual language and altered states of consciousness. The Glide Project ( spirals around a central theme of the mutual evolution of language, game, and consciousness, describing and modeling one possibility for an evolutionary writing system. Glide emerged from Slattery's novel, The Maze Game. LiveGlide is the three-dimensional form of Glide which is performed improvisationally with sound artists, as a writing instrument in real-time, on flat-screen, or in the Dome.

Jack Turner

Jack Turner is a video artist and programmer who is a member of the performance collective LMNOPF and a co-founder of the video performance software company VidVox, makers of GridPro and VDMX.

Walter Wright

Walter Wright is a video artist and co-founder of 119 Gallery. One of the first video animators, he worked at Computer Image Corporation in the early 1970's. His tapes were shown regularly at the Kitchen. In 1973-76, he pioneered video performance touring public access center, colleges and galleries with the Paik/Abe video synthesizer. He developed his own performance video system, the Video Shredder.

He has collaborated with Joe Burgio, Katt Hernandez, Heather McQuiston and others creating multimedia performances that include electronic music, video and dance.


DVD + CD DL35 : Out now on Deep Listening.

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DVD Release Concerts:

April 27, 2007: Issue Project Room, Brooklyn, NY. 8 pm.
Evidence performs with Benton-C Bainbridge and Madeleine Gallagher.

April 28, 2007: Sactuary for Independent Media, Troy, NY. 8 pm.
Evidence performs with lmnopf and skfl.

Evidence Biographies

Stephan Moore is a composer, improviser, audio artist, sound designer and software programmer from Marquette, Michigan, currently based in New York City. His work is grounded in the collection and investigation of environmental sound recordings and a fascination with the perception and properties of acoustic environments. Performances and installation artworks make use of multi-channel arrays of his Hemisphere speakers. He maintains several ongoing collaborations with diverse musicians, live-video artists and choreographers. He is currently the Sound Supervisor of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company.

Scott Smallwood was born in Dallas, Texas, and grew up at 10,000 feet in elevation in the Colorado Rockies. When Smallwood was 10 years old, his father gave him a cassette tape recorder, and ever since he has been fascinated by the possibilities of recorded sound. His work deals with real and abstracted soundscapes based on a practice of listening, improvisation, and phonography. Ranging from sonic photographs, studio compositions, instrumental pieces, and improvisations, the resulting pieces are often textural, always mindful of space and subtlety.